Our program is designed to help children ages 18 months-5 years of age  develop a love for exercise while helping them achieve developmental milestones.  We come to preschools and provide all of our sets, props, music, characters, and equipment and teach 30 minutes right at circle time. We work on sensory integration, crossing mid line exercises for reading, hand eye coordination, balancing, and cardiovascular activity. We also work on fine motor skills such as zipping, hand and finger exercises, and lastly occupational therapy exercises.  We keep cost low because we understand alot of people are struggling and only charge 5.00 a child, a class. We are proud to serve the Las Vegas community and will always keep our service cost low for you. We come to big poreschools, small preschools, private, public, and home daycares. Contact us for us to come and dance with your cupcakes preschool teachers and directors!

Currently we are working on more outreach classes. We have one available on the first two Wed of each month. Ckick below to register.Classes are free!

Family to Family Connection Cambridge 3900 Cambridge St #107 11:00-12:00 First and Third Tuesday of each month.

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